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In reference to Dino’s previous post on simplifying his life and going offline, he came across a few facts that clearly indicate the benefits of doing so. Here’s one tip, reduce long hours at the office. If you do need to be present at the office for endless hours, then try to take frequent breaks. Dino frequently walks out of the office for a few minutes to enjoy the fresh air (away from the smokers) and align his thoughts. Great ideas have poured into his mind during these few minutes (one was the creation of this blog), and once he returns to his desk, the next hour or so is a lot more productive.

All great leaders took time off their daily routines to “reflect”. Philosopher Michel Foucault would only work from 9am to 3pm. Beethoven only worked from sunrise until the early afternoon. No twelve hour days here. Socrates would sometimes simply stop and hold completely still for several minutes. Long periods away from their desks every day gave their minds time to recover and regain its creativity.

Is Dino saying that he is great? Absolutely NOT, but he is on his way to greatness. So, go ahead, relax, exercise, meditate, and please don’t work at the office all day long – no good can come of this.


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