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Who are your true friends?

Sometimes we refer to life as a rollercoaster ride, full of ups, downs, and unpredictable turns. The rise is slow, while the drop is very fast. The only difference is that we enjoy the rollercoaster's drop, but not the one in real life. Each one of us experiences such rises and drops in our life. These situations are meant to teach us about ourselves as well as strengthen our core being.

You may have noticed the behavior of your friends and family members when prosperity follows or leaves you. The same people that were once supporting you during your rise, are now stepping over you during your fall. It's during these times that we begin to question our relationships. This can be quite devastating because the people whom we expect to support us during our fall, all of a sudden disappear or try to keep us down. Understanding the nature of certain people can help in overcoming the stress from such situations.

There are three types of people. Leaves, branches, and roots. The leaves are weak and confused. They fall of the tree and fly wherever the wind blows. These are the followers who don't make their own decisions. The second group of people are the branches. They are steady, but once pressure is put upon them, they begin to shake and then finally break off. The third group of people are the roots. These people have a calm, yet strong mindset and are emotionally stable. They can motivate themselves and empower others. The roots will stand beside you during your rise and lift you up when you fall. During the early stages of our lives, we are like leaves, we succumb to peer pressure, and as we mature, we turn into branches, and hopefully roots. Unfortunately, the truth is that many of us remain as leaves even during the end of our days.

Identifying such people can help us avoid unnecessary stress and understand which relationships are true and worthwhile. However, we must first understand ourselves. Are we leaves, branches, or roots? Do we follow the crowd, break under pressure, or are we as firm and stable as a pillar?

Each type of person comes into our lives for a reason. Either to introduce themselves, or help us to better understand ourselves. Noticing a pattern is a great way to transform ourselves and avoid a situation or person from resurfacing. Our associations play a major role in who we become, so we must choose them carefully. Roots are rebels in their own manner and encompass clear inner vision and purpose. Leaves are the majority of the population, so work your way towards becoming a root and making a difference in your own life.

Dino would like to take this opportunity to thank the leaves, branches, and roots in his life, as they have taught him great lessons as well as brought true meaning to his relationships.

Instant Cure: Diabetes

In order to improve your blood glucose levels, you may try the following:

1. Drink spinach juice two or three times a day.

2. Add one tea spoon of amla (gooseberry) juice into one glass of water. Drink two times a day.

3. Go for a brisk walk for at least 1 hour everyday.
a) First week: 15 minutes
b) Second week 30 minutes
c) Third week: 45 minutes
d) Fourth week: 1 hour

Visit the Diabetes Cured blog to learn more.

Diabetes Cured

Dino is pleased to launch the Diabetes Cured blog. Check it out! Bookmark, Share Subscribe.

The purpose of this blog is to share and discuss topics related to the prevention, management, and cure for diabetes. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximately 366 million people will be affected by diabetes by the year 2030. It is crucial for us to understand the health complications that can result from this silent killer, and protect ourselves by improving our lifestyles as well as following the latest trends in healthcare. Diabetes can lead to numerous complications if it isn't managed properly...(read more).

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Dino's Blog was featured in the news

Dino's Words of Wisdom Blog was featured in the news. Check out the news clip below.

Transcending Fear by Cultivating Faith

If you have been following Dino's blog recently, you may be aware of the challenges that he has overcome, as well as the lessons learned. As difficult as these challenges may have been, they have provided him the greatest opportunities to further discover himself and transform weaknesses.

The most profound transformation occurred in early 2009 while he was at the eye clinic discussing the surgical procedures with his doctor. It was understood that Dino needed an eye surgery, but he wasn't aware of the preparation for it. As the doctor began to explain that certain blood tests were required, he also mentioned that Dino would need an injection two days prior to the surgery. As fearless as Dino thought he was, he agreed without hesitation, and simply inquired, "where would you inject me, in my arm?"
The response was "No, in your eye."
"You mean around the eye?" Dino inquired again.
"No, I mean in your eye, and unfortunately without any anesthesia, but you're a strong man, you'll be able to handle it for a few seconds."
"Sure." Dino responded in a disappointed and fearful tone, and promised that he would return the next day for this special preparation.

Fear began to linger over Dino like a black cloud, he wasn't able to think straight after that, and would continue imagining the needle piercing through his eye. Each time he visualized this, he felt the pain over and over again. Who would he ask for help or guidance? No one he knew ever had to go through this. Maybe asking Google about fear management would have helped, but as mentioned, Dino couldn't entertain any rational thought. He went to bed in fear, woke up in fear, went to the clinic and waited for his turn in fear. He waited for almost an hour for his turn, which seemed like a year. As he waited, the fear and anxiety grew exponentially until it got to a point where he finally realized that the wait is more painful than the injection. With courage, he completely surrendered to the universe while visualizing his hero Mr. Incredible, and then walked into the doctor's office.

The chair that Dino usually sits on for his check up, looked like an execution chair on that day. The only difference was that he was receiving a healing injection instead of a lethal one. He continued to visualize Mr. Incredible while he walked towards it and sat down with confidence. A strange detached and peaceful feeling enveloped him. Dino was held down by two assistants and a few seconds later, "OUCH!!", it was done. Dino walked out of the clinic as if Mr. Incredible had shielded off four bullets to the eye. All traces of fear had completely disappeared even though Dino had multiple eye surgeries after that.

So, the question is, what really caused the fear to disappear? It was definitely not Mr. Incredible. It was faith and complete surrender to the universe. It was the realization that no matter what happened, the universe cared for him and only a higher power could help him get through this. No friend, family member or any finances could bear this pain for him. It was something he had to go through, but could trust in an invisible divine intelligence. From that day onwards, Dino holds on to this faith more than anything in the world. It is the only thing that empowers him and completely transformed his fear in every aspect of life. When we understand that there is a divine intelligence underlying all that is, why should we worry about anything? When we are kids, we trust our parents because they know what's best for us. Even if it means eating the vegetables we hate or gulping down cough syrup. However, when we get to a point where our parents or friends cannot help us, what do we do?

In Dino's experience, it's only faith that can help us overcome challenges. Dino claims without doubt that he senses an invisible hand guiding him whenever he is in a difficult or confusing situation. He believes everything is perfectly orchestrated by this divine intelligence and it just takes a little bit of awareness and surrender to notice the order within the chaos.

Dino hopes that this short experience encourages you to cultivate faith, which creates an unshakeable foundation within your being whenever you face obstacles in life. Good Luck.

"If you knew who walked beside you, at all times, on this path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear again." - Wayne Dyer.

Baking with Dino

In this Watch & Learn video, Dino teaches us how to bake delicious cupcakes. A special thanks to his cousin Kiru for sharing her expertise on cupcakes.

Watch & Learn

Dino is pleased to introduce a new section on this blog called "Watch & Learn". Check it out!

Are You Bored?

In this video, Dino shares his view on boredom and a tip on how to get out of it.

Instant Cure: Joint Pain

Rub mustard oil around the affected area.

Instant Cure: Healthy Hair

Add two table spoons of Indian gooseberry (amla) powder in Henna (Mehendi) and let it soak overnight. In the morning, apply on your hair and let it remain there for two hours. Then rinse thoroughly.

Instant Cure: Constipation

Add one tea spoon of Castor Oil in one cup or warm milk or warm water.

Free Hugs in Taipei

As volunteers of the Taipei Youth Social Service (TYSS), Dino and his friends participated in the Free Hugs Campaign in Taipei. It was a wonderful experience. Check it out!

What's Your Favorite Game?

In this video, Dino talks about his favorite game, and why he quit playing.

Instant Cure: Good Complexion

Grate one potato and add rose water as well as Chandan (Sandalwood) powder to it. Apply on face and neck for 20 minutes, and then wash face with cold water.

Instant Cure: Low Blood Pressure

Add regular salt to a raw tomatoe and eat before meals.

Instant Cure: Common Cold

Add water to Jaiphal (Nutmeg) and make a paste. Apply this paste on your head and nose two or three times a day.

Let Food be Your Medicine

Dino is pleased to introduce a new section on this blog called ‘Instant Cure for Health’, which will bring to you several tips for good health each week. Over the years Dino’s mom has collected hundreds of natural home remedies for simple problems such as headaches, coughs, colds, skin rashes, digestive disorders and much more. Her friends and family often consult her for these quick fixes which could be as simple as adding a pinch of cinnamon to your tea or something slightly undesirable as scrubbing a banana peel on your skin. In any case, these remedies are very effective and may produce instant results. Almost all the ingredients can be found in your kitchen, if not you can find it at the nearest supermarket. Storing some of these ingredients at home will save you the time and stress of running to the pharmacy if you suddenly suffer from midnight indigestion or a severe tooth ache.

If you are tired of pharmaceutical drugs and their side affects, then this is the way to go. Although, please use caution and common sense before trying out these remedies. If you seek a remedy for a specific problem, feel free to request on one of these posts, and the solution will be provided as soon as possible. If you would like to receive updates via email, feel free to subscribe by filling in your email address in the box located on the right panel of this page.
Good Luck and Good Health! .

Believe It and You Will Achieve It

In this video, Dino shares a simple process that we could use to clear out limiting beliefs.

It's never too late to appreciate

Appreciation is so simple, yet so difficult. In this video, Dino reminds us how important it is to appreciate every moment of our lives, and shares his experience during his eye surgeries.

Dino blogs via video..

Today, Dino is pleased to introduce a new video section on his blog. Traditional blogging seems to be phasing out as people seem to be more interested in video casts and podcasts. We just don't have the time to read through so much information. If a minute or minute and a half video can deliver the message, why bother with all the details? You can always look it up at a later date if necessary. And, besides it's always much more entertaining to watch a video than just read static information on a webpage.

Therefore, starting now, Dino will deliver his blog entries via a short video clip like the one below,
and hopes that you enjoy the new format, although, occasionally there may be some text entries.
In any case, Dino hopes that you will enjoy this adventure, as much as he does.

That's all for now, thank you, and have a nice day.

I get knocked down, but I get up again

With a patch in one eye, and the other eye too weak from the pain, Dino felt like a wounded bird that had just lost its wings. One week, he was soaring above the clouds, and today it took a nose dive and hit the ground. True friends and family called and visited with words of motivation and offered their genuine support, while others noticing a wounded bird on the ground decided to trample it by immature comments and worthless advice.

Lesson: If we do not
have a complete understanding of a situation, it is better off that we ask and learn about it before we downpour our so-called expertise upon anyone. Furthermore, when someone is in pain and drugged up on medication, don’t tell them how handsome they look, or invite them to watch a movie with someone twice their age. Speak with them as a mature adult and not as three year old child who had just lost a tooth.

An even greater lesson to learn from this situation is that we do not have the power to control the thoughts or words of others; all we can do is to monitor the way we react or respond to such behavior. It is difficult to avoid striking out at such folks when your inner state of being is hijacked by large doses of medication and its side effects. However, by simply reminding ourselves that our reaction and state of mind will affect us much more than the other in this situation, we can easily avoid it.

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