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Testimonial: We all have parts of our lives that we need help with, whether it is time management, losing weight or becoming more peaceful. Dino is patient, positive, frank and solution-oriented, and all these qualities make him a really effective life-coach. He is also knowledgeable about the energy Chakras, Reiki and self-healing. I have benefited from my sessions with Dino, and hope that more people will seek his help to fine-tune their lives.” – Jaya Hiranandani (Read more Testimonials) 

"For years I have been looking for a life coach who knows what they are talking about. Today, I found one who was patient , full of energy, and vibrant to various topics we discussed. I would recommend Dino because he has the skills as to what he is talking about! Good Job Dino" - Avinash Mohinani (Read more Testimonials) 

What can you expect from Life Coaching?
Through life coaching sessions, Dino will help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges by offering you insights, tools, and techniques that will transform your mind and empower you.

You will be guided on how to recognize your strengths as well as areas for improvement, and learn techniques that you can use to become the person that you aspire to be. 

In addition, you will experience a higher level of awareness as your vibration is raised through the understanding and practice of energy work such as pranic healing, reiki, meditation, and the law of attraction. 

Subjects that can be discussed: personality traits of yourself that you wish to transform such as will power, determination, critical/strategic thinking, motivation, faith, spirituality, (understanding yourself and life situations from the perspective of the soul), relationships, mental clarity, purpose in life (mission, vision, ideals), business transformation, leadership, self-empowerment, depression, healing, time management, and much more.  

How does a Life Coaching session work?
Each Life Coaching session lasts for 1 hour, as the purpose is to be productive and prepare action steps for you. Life coaching is not therapy so dwelling on the past is not encouraged; instead the sessions focus on the present and explore solutions. The time constraint also ensures that the sessions stay on subject. Dino intends to use the first 45 minutes for discussion and the last 15 minutes for action steps.

The Life Coaching sessions can be conducted face-to-face or via Skype, and the discussions during the sessions will be kept confidential. You are welcome to share a testimonial with others if you wish to help them overcome their challenges as well. 

What can you do next?
For further enquiry or to schedule a Life Coaching session, send Dino a private message on Facebook by clicking here.

Who is Dino?
Dino started his career as a network engineer within the telecommunications industry, and was quickly promoted to product management and marketing. With over a decade of marketing and management experience, Dino brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from a business perspective.

After trotting around the world (India, Japan, Africa, Taiwan, Dubai, US, and Singapore) for school, university, and work, Dino has cultivated great wisdom and experiences through interactions with such diverse cultures.

His passion for personal development started in the year 2000, when he realized that even though he was blessed with everything that life had to offer, he sensed a feeling of emptiness. This kicked-off his journey exploring the spiritual aspects of life and the way to find true happiness. He began reading spiritual texts, studying positive psychology, practicing healing (Reiki/Pranic) and meditation techniques, and experimented with tools to transform his mind and empower him to become the exceptional person he aspired to become.  

Dino’s greatest challenge was encountered in 2009 when suddenly he lost partial vision and was forced to face the uncertainties in life and dig deep down within himself to find the purpose of his soul as well as a reason to continue living even though living a 100% vision-based normal life was unlikely. A tremendous amount of personal development during those years completely transformed him, and has resulted in higher states of awareness that have led to frequent lucid dreams, spiritual visions, OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), past life regressions, deep insights, and a connection to his higher self. Today, through life coaching Dino guides others to face their fears, uncertainties, achieve their goals, and form a connection with their higher selves. 

After realizing that empowering others gives him true joy, he chose to further his personal development by pursuing a Master’s degree in Leading Innovation and Change. In addition he also started sharing his wisdom through his blog, as well as articles that are published in the Bharat Ratna International magazine. 

Dino feels tremendous joy and empowerment by guiding and inspiring others through his blog and life coaching sessions. Now, he invites you to share your challenges with him as he assists you in becoming the person who you truly aspire to be.

One Question That I Always Ask Myself

I hope you have realized that our world is constantly changing, and change is the nature of existence. This includes business procedures, technologies, the weather, and even our bodies are changing, isn’t it? Everything is in motion – we live in an ocean of motion. In addition, if you’ve attended any Change Management workshops you may have heard of the acronym PESTEL, which is an analysis tool that organizations use to decide in which area they need to change their business practices. PESTEL means Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal. Think about it, don’t these six factors affect your life and business?

If change is the nature of existence, why is it that we come across so many people and businesses that simply refuse to change? Many individuals would rather perish, than change. This is simply because they have cultivated a fixed mindset over time. They continuously do the same thing every day expecting a different result, and this is what Einstein defined as Insanity. This fixed mindset revolves around many factors such as fear, limiting beliefs, denial, or simply laziness. Of course, I cannot cover all these areas in this article, but I will discuss how to cultivate a growth mindset against all odds.

It is often observed that as we age, our behavior tends to become more fixed and structured. This simply means that our habits become deeply ingrained, and thus, we start operating on autopilot. Change, on the contrary, requires conscious effort, determination, and most of all a desire to change. Not a desire fueled by fear, rather fueled by enthusiasm and novelty (new experiences). 

The reason I’m sharing this article is because I want to bust the belief that we may be too old to change, or circumstances are not in our favor. This is absolutely BS. Of course, by BS, I mean Belief System. What were you thinking I meant by BS?

For example, when I lost partial vision, I was unable to read, or go for a walk alone, and I lost a lot of my independence, especially the ability to use the computer. And this set me off on a journey of depression fueled by an unfulfilled desire to learn and grow. However, after much introspection, I realized that this was just my own BS, again I mean Belief System.

After I cleared this BS, I realized something fascinating. The first insight was that to grow and learn, we don’t need to look outside. We can simply turn our gaze inwards, since all the universal knowledge is within us. Our mind is filled with memories of experiences, all we have to do is reflect upon them and ask ourselves, “What can I learn from that situation?” And this became my most important question for reflection.

You see, every moment of life offers us an opportunity to learn something, either about ourselves or the world around us. But we must be willing to see without judgment, without bias, and with a new perspective. If we observe carefully, both failure and success are wonderful teachers, so we must be grateful for every moment.

The second insight was that to learn and grow, we don’t need all our senses in working order. There are tons of audio books for individuals who cannot read due to loss of vision or age related vision conditions. We don’t need our hearing ability if we can read books, or closed caption on the TV. Even if we are on a wheel chair, we most likely have our other senses in order. Basically, as long as our hearts are beating and brains are pulsating, we can learn. We can Grow.

So, here are four practices that you can include in your life to continue learning and growing.

1. Meditation – Research has shown that meditation can heal the body and heal the brain. It can make you smarter, and it can make you younger.  Research also indicates that if you meditate for 30 minutes a day for 5 years, your biological age will become 12 years younger.  Meditation will also help you to adapt to change easily. So, practice meditation daily, even for a few minutes if possible.

2.  Invest in personal growth – Associate with people who are smarter than you and are willing to share their knowledge and experience. This is a great way to learn life lessons without having to go through the challenges yourself. Invest in personal development programs or connect with a Life Coach.  

3. Read more books – Leaders are readers. If you ask any leaders what is one of their most important keys to success, they will say that they read a lot. Reading improves your knowledge and enhances your creativity. So, make reading a daily practice. However, read less of the news and more content that inspires you. 

4. Sleep – You may be wondering how can sleep help you grow; it’s a waste of time isn’t it? But, if you ask any athlete what has helped them improve their performance they will tell you sleep and relaxation. The muscles can only grow when there is tension, and then relaxation and recovery. 

Sleep also helps the brain to process information that was learned. This is why it’s very important for students to get enough sleep, so that what they have learned stays in their memory.

So, there is absolutely no excuse for you to stop learning. Change your BS (Belief System), and always ask yourself this powerful question “What can I learn from this situation?”

Finally, one of the best ways to learn is by teaching. Share your knowledge and experiences with others and enhance their lives as well. This will definitely be a fulfilling experience for you.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Gandhi

Serve with Joy & Humility

The topic of my speech today was “service”, and I won the best speaker award. The following is a summary of the speech.

I have always been the type of person that would go out of my way to help others. Whether it may be repairing their computers, teaching them something, or even renovating their apartments. I would not help others because of any incentive, but simply because I enjoyed being of service.

A few years ago, after my eye surgeries, I felt like the tables had turned. I was no longer able to serve people; I was now on the receiving end of service. This situation tremendously hurt my ego, because I started to feel helpless and worthless. To make matters worse, people who would see me walking down the stairs with assistance would often ask if I was mentally challenged. This would pierce my heart like an arrow, and I would respond by saying, “No, I have low-vision, and by the way, I’m a network engineer”. I felt the need to justify myself by telling them about my successful career.

Fortunately, a few weeks later, an incident occurred that completely changed my perspective about being of service to others. One evening, once the elevator reached our floor, my mom assisted me to get on so that I would not trip on the step. There was an elderly man already in the elevator when we entered. He felt extremely sad when he looked at me, and asked my mom “What is wrong with this boy?”
I responded to him with a smile and said, “I have low-vision.”
I could feel the pain in his heart as he said to my mom again “but he is so young.”
We just smiled as the elevator continued to the ground floor, and my mom once again assisted me out of the elevator.

It was on that day that I realized one of my purposes in life – it’s to generate compassion within others. I would always feel offended when others would ask about my condition, or hold my hand while we walk. But today, I have realized that these individuals are not just doing me a favor, I’m also helping them by offering them an opportunity to serve. There have been many days during which it is bright enough for me to walk alone, but my friends or family members would still choose to hold my hand. Even when I would tell them that I’m fine walking, alone, they respond saying something like “why am I not allowed to hold you?” Sometimes there’s even a competition of who gets an opportunity to help me, from kids to elderly people.

It is the feeling of compassion that empowers a person to serve others. Compassion is a feeling of shared suffering for another form of life with the desire to alleviate that suffering. Compassion is often observed as a type of selfless service, generosity, or kindness.

Through my experience, I would like to emphasize that service is never a one-way street. If we serve others in some way, we are also receiving service in another form, whether it may be a sense of gratitude or a boost to our ego. Therefore, we must be humble when we are serving. We must remind ourselves that we are blessed to have the opportunity to serve others.

Similarly, if we are on the receiving end of service, we must also curb our pride. We must allow others to serve us. In addition, you may have noticed that many individuals who are on the receiving end of the service sometimes express a bitter or frustrated attitude. This is not because they do not appreciate the service they are receiving, it’s simply because they feel helpless in that situation and they do not know of any way to relieve that feeling. However, there is a way to calm this bitter and frustrated attitude. It is by practicing mindfulness such as meditation, which will enhance the person’s sense of gratitude as well as create inner peace and acceptance.

I invite you to start practicing compassion towards others, but most importantly towards yourself first. Simply observe your inner voice, is it critical or is it kind?

Compassionate individuals are those of us that have experienced our share of suffering, and feel empathy for others who are facing similar challenges. We realize that just like us, others are also seeking happiness and trying to avoid pain.

Finally, through compassion our hearts open and we experience oneness with all. The most elevated emotion radiated by the heart is compassion, and it benefits our health in addition to helping us develop spiritually.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” – Tagore

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