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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all the wonderful readers of this blog. May this day bless you with good health, prosperity, divine guidance, and fulfillment of your desires.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog; keep checking back for more.

Good-bye 2009,Welcome 2010

As this year comes to a close, so does the most difficult period in Dino’s life. Early this year, his eyes began to misbehave themselves and blur his vision. Little did he know about the extent of this problem. After extensive research and visits to the doc, he finally decided that he must undergo the eye surgery. As time passed, surgery turned into surgeries, which lasted until August.

This difficult period has been tremendously beneficial in terms of personal growth for him and a few close family and friends. Dino, has finally decided to share his inner thoughts, troubles, experiences with the most wonderful people, and well as a few of the nasty ones, and most importantly the lessons learned. Stay tuned, some experiences may shock you, roll a tear down your cheek, or just change your perspective of the world. Topics such as overcoming fear, anxiety, patience, surrender, faith, death, stress/pain management, the power of tithing, and much more will be discussed. In any case, Dino hopes that you enjoy reading these posts, and will be glad if these readings cause a shift within your being. Good Luck!

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