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It was truly an honor to be invited by the National Central University (NCU) to conduct two workshops at their 2017 Global Change Maker Youth Camp to inspire and empower the students to engage in Social Entrepreneurship.
The two workshops that I conducted were “Be Super Positive” and “Discover Your Life Purpose”. I really had a wonderful time interacting with such an enthusiastic group of students.

About the Workshop

Today, we are facing a population explosion, climate crisis, lack of resources, inflation, increased competition, and a lack of integrity. Many of our corporate and government leaders are only interested in their personal agendas and do not care about the well being of society.

During these times of confusion, turmoil, distress, and chaos, the role of a leader is crucial to restore calm, order, and confidence in society. Expecting the leaders of our countries to restore confidence has clearly shown to be a failure.

Therefore, it is up to us as individuals to unleash the leadership traits within us and transform the future generation and ourselves.

This is a double-session workshop that will unleash the leader within you.

Session 1: Be Super Positive
Duration (50 minutes)

Master your thoughts, emotions, and energy to manifest the life that you truly desire and deserve.

In this session you will learn:

·      The benefits of being Super positive
·      Three energies that determine your positivity
·      Four types of thoughts and how to manage them
·      The effects of seven major emotions
·      Technique to instantly clear unhealthy emotions
·      Technique to enhance positive emotions
·      Tips to avoid negativity within and around you
·      The power of purpose
·      Q&A and much more…

Session 2: Discover Your Life Purpose
Duration (50 minutes)

In this session you will learn:

·      Evaluate the different aspects of your life
·      Create the New You
·      Move form Motivation to Inspiration
·      Ask yourself empowering questions
·      Group breakout session to discover passion and purpose

·      Group sharing and discussion

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