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I get knocked down, but I get up again

With a patch in one eye, and the other eye too weak from the pain, Dino felt like a wounded bird that had just lost its wings. One week, he was soaring above the clouds, and today it took a nose dive and hit the ground. True friends and family called and visited with words of motivation and offered their genuine support, while others noticing a wounded bird on the ground decided to trample it by immature comments and worthless advice.

Lesson: If we do not
have a complete understanding of a situation, it is better off that we ask and learn about it before we downpour our so-called expertise upon anyone. Furthermore, when someone is in pain and drugged up on medication, don’t tell them how handsome they look, or invite them to watch a movie with someone twice their age. Speak with them as a mature adult and not as three year old child who had just lost a tooth.

An even greater lesson to learn from this situation is that we do not have the power to control the thoughts or words of others; all we can do is to monitor the way we react or respond to such behavior. It is difficult to avoid striking out at such folks when your inner state of being is hijacked by large doses of medication and its side effects. However, by simply reminding ourselves that our reaction and state of mind will affect us much more than the other in this situation, we can easily avoid it.

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