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Brahma Kumaris Platinum Jubilee Celebration

Dino’s article on the Brahma Kumaris Platinum Jubilee celebration is featured as the cover story in the December 2012 issue of the Bharat Ratna International (BR) magazine.

In October of this year, Dino had the unique opportunity to attend the Platinum Jubilee Celebration at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Along with 20 other international Rajyogis, he boarded a bus for a four-hour ride from Ahmedabad airport to Mt. Abu where the global headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris is located. This is known as Madhuban, the forest of honey. Thousands of BK students from over 100 countries travel to Madhuban each year to gain spiritual knowledge and deepen their meditation practice. (Read more)

  • Click here to read the full article, as well as two additional empowering articles published in the December 2012 issue. 

Dino’s Articles in the BR Magazine

Dino is pleased to announce that his articles on personal development, leadership, spirituality, health, empowerment, alternative medicine, etc. are being published in the Bharat Ratna International (BR) magazine.

A socio-cultural magazine, BR International (formerly known as Bharat Ratna) provides varied editorial content suitable for the entire family with articles of interest to young and old.

  • Click here to read the two articles published in the October 2012 issue. 

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