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5 Tips to Be Authentic

The world and the future generations are in dire need of heart-oriented individuals that encourage uniqueness and collaboration. Authenticity is attractive and contagious. Our beauty and brains will only take us so far, but authenticity will take us all the way. As we become authentic individuals, our virtues will shine from within us; and as we shine, we will unconsciously give others the inspiration and empowerment to reveal their authentic selves.
Here are 5 simple tips to become more authentic:
1. Every day invest a few minutes in silence to go within and quiet the mind.
2. Focus on doing the “Right Thing,” not just simply following guidelines and doing things right.
3. Listen to your intuition. Slowly allow your mind to follow your heart to develop true intellect.
4. When you witness someone standing up for what is right, appreciate and acknowledge them. Inspire yourself with their courage to stand up for what you believe is right.
5. Always be honest with yourself. One who cannot deceive himself, cannot deceive anyone else.

Our Search for Happiness

The title of my speech on Saturday was “Our Search for Happiness” in which I shed some light on the following questions:
- What is True Happiness?
- What is the main reason for unhappiness?
- Is it true that Happiness is within us?
- My journey inwards in search for true Happiness.
- How I found true happiness, nourished it and allowed it to blossom?
- Why most people will not find true happiness?
Finally, I shared one simple tip that can instantly shift your mood from one of unhappiness and depression, to a feeling of joy and worthiness. It’s simple; perform an act of kindness for someone else everyday. This means to make a contribution in some way or another. It could be something small as giving a piece of bread to a hungry man, or giving someone a compliment. 
I demonstrated the mood-shifting effect by offering a beautiful sunflower from my garden of happiness to one of my special friends at the Toastmasters club who has been feeling a little low recently. This brought a lot of joy to me, to my friend, and even the audience watching. This is the triple-power of performing a kind action, the giver, receiver, and even the people watching the act of kindness or contribution benefit from the shift into a positive mood.
So, make it a habit everyday to share a kind gesture to someone from your garden of happiness, and watch happiness grow exponentially in your world.

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