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Today, the title of my speech was “3 Insights that can change your life instantly”, and I won the Best Table Topic speaker award as well.

These are three simple insights that I shared during one of my speeches at the Toastmasters Club. These three insights are so simple, yet so profound and powerful if we practice it. I constantly remind myself of these three insights during the day so that they become part of me. Today, I would like to share it with you. Practice it, and it may change your life forever!
1. When is the most important time? --- Now. There is no guarantee of tomorrow. Today could be your last day. Live it to the fullest.

2. Who is the most important person? -- The person you are with right now (in front of you) is the most important. Give him/her the respect and attention that he/she deserves. 
3. What is the most important thing to do -- It's to Care. Do everything with care, and you will be amazed at how beautiful it turns out.
I hope these three insights can set your New Year off on an Excellent Start!

Testimonial - “From Dino’s speech at Tien Mou Toastmasters, I learned that he is a confident, humorous, creative and brave man. His positive thinking inspired me to look at the bright side when facing problems. In this way, he showed his good leadership.” – Joanna Lee, President of Tien mou Toastmasters, Taiwan

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