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Transcending Fear by Cultivating Faith

If you have been following Dino's blog recently, you may be aware of the challenges that he has overcome, as well as the lessons learned. As difficult as these challenges may have been, they have provided him the greatest opportunities to further discover himself and transform weaknesses.

The most profound transformation occurred in early 2009 while he was at the eye clinic discussing the surgical procedures with his doctor. It was understood that Dino needed an eye surgery, but he wasn't aware of the preparation for it. As the doctor began to explain that certain blood tests were required, he also mentioned that Dino would need an injection two days prior to the surgery. As fearless as Dino thought he was, he agreed without hesitation, and simply inquired, "where would you inject me, in my arm?"
The response was "No, in your eye."
"You mean around the eye?" Dino inquired again.
"No, I mean in your eye, and unfortunately without any anesthesia, but you're a strong man, you'll be able to handle it for a few seconds."
"Sure." Dino responded in a disappointed and fearful tone, and promised that he would return the next day for this special preparation.

Fear began to linger over Dino like a black cloud, he wasn't able to think straight after that, and would continue imagining the needle piercing through his eye. Each time he visualized this, he felt the pain over and over again. Who would he ask for help or guidance? No one he knew ever had to go through this. Maybe asking Google about fear management would have helped, but as mentioned, Dino couldn't entertain any rational thought. He went to bed in fear, woke up in fear, went to the clinic and waited for his turn in fear. He waited for almost an hour for his turn, which seemed like a year. As he waited, the fear and anxiety grew exponentially until it got to a point where he finally realized that the wait is more painful than the injection. With courage, he completely surrendered to the universe while visualizing his hero Mr. Incredible, and then walked into the doctor's office.

The chair that Dino usually sits on for his check up, looked like an execution chair on that day. The only difference was that he was receiving a healing injection instead of a lethal one. He continued to visualize Mr. Incredible while he walked towards it and sat down with confidence. A strange detached and peaceful feeling enveloped him. Dino was held down by two assistants and a few seconds later, "OUCH!!", it was done. Dino walked out of the clinic as if Mr. Incredible had shielded off four bullets to the eye. All traces of fear had completely disappeared even though Dino had multiple eye surgeries after that.

So, the question is, what really caused the fear to disappear? It was definitely not Mr. Incredible. It was faith and complete surrender to the universe. It was the realization that no matter what happened, the universe cared for him and only a higher power could help him get through this. No friend, family member or any finances could bear this pain for him. It was something he had to go through, but could trust in an invisible divine intelligence. From that day onwards, Dino holds on to this faith more than anything in the world. It is the only thing that empowers him and completely transformed his fear in every aspect of life. When we understand that there is a divine intelligence underlying all that is, why should we worry about anything? When we are kids, we trust our parents because they know what's best for us. Even if it means eating the vegetables we hate or gulping down cough syrup. However, when we get to a point where our parents or friends cannot help us, what do we do?

In Dino's experience, it's only faith that can help us overcome challenges. Dino claims without doubt that he senses an invisible hand guiding him whenever he is in a difficult or confusing situation. He believes everything is perfectly orchestrated by this divine intelligence and it just takes a little bit of awareness and surrender to notice the order within the chaos.

Dino hopes that this short experience encourages you to cultivate faith, which creates an unshakeable foundation within your being whenever you face obstacles in life. Good Luck.

"If you knew who walked beside you, at all times, on this path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear again." - Wayne Dyer.

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