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A Brand New YOU

It was an honor to be invited as a Motivational Guest Speaker by the Foreign Students club to give a talk at their Annual Christmas Dinner! The topic of my talk was – “A Brand New You”. It was Awesome! Thank you to the Foreign Students Club and International Students Association for being such wonderful and fun hosts! Happy New Year! 

A Brand New

Almost everyone sets New Year’s resolutions, but very few of them are fulfilled. In this inspirational talk, Dino will share insights on why resolutions aren’t fulfilled, and how you can re-invent yourself into a Brand New You for 2016. Don’t miss this talk hosted by the Foreign Students Club & NTU International Students Association @ the Christmas Dinner Party!

Inspiring the Students

It’s the time of the year to inspire students for a fantastic 2016!

It was an honor to be invited by Fu Jen Catholic University TM to conduct my “Be Super Positive” workshop yesterday.

It was fun to interact with such a wonderful group of enthusiastic and engaging students.

Thank you FJU TM and I hope to offer more workshops at your campus soon!

-- About the workshop - Be Super Positive by managing your thoughts, emotions, and energy.

-- In this workshop you will learn:

• The benefits of being Super Positive
• Three energies that determine your positivity
• Four types of thoughts and how to manage them
• The effects of seven major emotions
• Technique to instantly clear unhealthy emotions
• Technique to enhance positive emotions
• Tips to avoid negativity within and around you
• The power of purpose

• …and much more…


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