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As the situation of the world has become increasingly uncertain, economies are collapsing, jobs losses are on the rise, competition in business, as well personal development is getting fierce, and depression is a norm, It has become very tricky for us to stay focused due to such distractions. With all the negativity and instant changes, It is almost impossible to dedicate ourselves to a single task or goal. These situations discourage us from achieving our personal goals because of the fear of failure and the lack of time. The external circumstances are affecting our internal dialogue with ourselves, which in turn is making us less effective individuals. Dino has always believed in the phrase “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars”, and has recently become immune to external factors that attempt to affect his life and drain his energy.

Dino often reminds himself of a story in which a few frogs decided to participate in a race where the goal was to reach the top of a tower. A large crowd gathered to cheer the contestants. The race was tough and the frogs were struggling, while the crowds were screaming "no way, they can't do it",' it's too hard" etc. One at a time, each frog fell off the tower, except for one that reached the top and won the race. At the end, when the frog was asked how he managed to win, it turned out that the frog was deaf.

We often come across discouraging people who tell us how difficult or impossible it is to achieve our goals and dreams. Never the less, we have heard, read about, and even know people who have achieved the impossible. Whether, it's applying to a prestigious university, passing an exam, pursuing a unique career, losing weight, or recovering from a chronic or terminal illness, such folks remind us that we cannot achieve our goals, because their limiting mindset defines it as unrealistic.

An empowering way to overcome this shallow mindset of others is to view life as a game. Every game has players and spectators – which one would we like to be? The purpose of a player is to direct his focus and energy so that he can hit a home run, score a goal or a touchdown. He is very often immune to the cheering or boo-ing from the spectators, even if these individuals are family members or friends. Some spectators pray that we succeed while others hope that we injure ourselves – this makes the game more entertaining for them. If we share our goals and dreams with a hundred people, we will receive a hundred different opinions. It is beneficial to consider these opinions as feedback and evaluate them objectively. Constructive feedback is the greatest way to improve and redirect our efforts if necessary. In addition, being neutral to the praise or criticism from others will save us from heart ache, ill feelings, or maybe even idolizing them. The same spectators that praise us today, will criticize us tomorrow, usually based on a comparison of how well they are progressing towards their goals.

Another way to stay focused is by monitoring the voice in our heads. Whether outside spectators exist or not, it is the voice inside our heads that is a constant critic. It is imperative to tame and silence this voice whenever it goes astray, because finally, our success or failure is dependent on the encouragement or limiting beliefs of this voice.

When we finally achieve our goals or fulfill our dreams, it may seem like a miracle. However, miracles simply bloom from the seeds of deep desire, constant effort in the right direction, and an unshakeable character. Miracles are possible, and no goals are unrealistic – if our minds can conceive it, we can achieve it.

“When everybody tells you that you are being idealistic or impractical, consider the possibility that everybody could be wrong about what is right for you.” – Gilbert Kaplan

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