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A few words on Appreciation

It is only when we lose something in life, do we truly understand its significance. This could be our cell phone, car keys, health, or even a loved one. Cell phones or keys can easily be replaced, but how about health, a limb, or a dear friend?

The feeling of gratitude and appreciation has hit Dino pretty hard recently. He has been fortunate enough to experience the quality of life in poverty struck nations such as Africa, where clean water, electricity, and a good night's sleep is considered a privilege. On the other hand, living in Japan, US, or Singapore, where even if we lose our broadband or cable connection, all hell breaks lose in our life. Again, these are all external things, but just simply being aware of this can bring a world of difference to our awareness. We never appreciate the electricity when it's always on, but the moment it switches off, we realize its importance. As soon as the -conditioners, fans, computers, televisions, radios, refrigerators switch off. We begin to feel uncomfortable and the food in the refrigerator begins to stale.

Now, imagine if we lost an arm or a leg? Have we appreciated our organs for the years of service offered without ever asking for appreciation or even complaining.
Our arms have helped us eat, drink, drive, hug a friend, and even pick our nose. How would we pick our nose without fingers? Would someone do this for us?

We can try a simple technique that will increase our awareness and transform our attitude into one of gratitude. Simply, close your eyes and move your awareness to your palms, then do the same for your feet, head, or any other organ. You will be amazed how your organs respond to you with a tingling feeling. As if saying, "Thank you for acknowledging me..."

It's very simple, go ahead and try it. You'll experience the phrase "energy flows, where attention goes."

Dino is back!!

Dino had last posted on this blog sometime in July 2008, when every moment in life was absolutely wonderful. Then, slowly but steadly as the economic concerns continued to rise so did his stress levels. There was always the fear that he might be the next one "out" in order for the company to cut costs. As he sits quietly today remembering those days, he realizes how insignificant his fears were, and the constant need to strive for an amazing future that isn't promised to anyone. He does not believe that it was a bad idea striving so hard, however doing so for an unknown tomorrow? Yes, it was quite a dumb move.

Dino has been resting for several weeks as a result of an eye surgery. Dino was fairly frustrated as his mind has a constant need to be productive at every moment, an idle mind was considered a complete waste of time. Time - which he believed was a gift from God and must be invested wisely. Meditation was also considered being productive, as it would allow him to sharpen his mind so that it would perform at maximum potential at all times.

Even though he considered all that 'idling' as unproductive for his career, he has now realized the productivity that is hidden during the idle stages of those days.

Dino will return each day to post the inner most thoughts that were born through this frustration. Was this frustration worth it? Absolutely! Stay tuned to this blog to learn why.

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