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Keeping Your Organs Healthy

For those of us who are disciplined and determined to live a healthy lifestyle, in addition to avoiding these 7 foods, eating more fruits, meditating, and exercising; we may follow the tips below to keep our organs running in optimum condition. This schedule may be difficult to follow, but at least being aware of it may motivate us to act differently during the specified hours.
This is the schedule during which our organs are most active and require special attention.

Early Morning (3.00 AM to 5.00 AM) – Lungs
It is good to wakeup during this time, as the ozone content in the atmosphere is greater. Because of this, it is recommended to practice yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises during this time period. Asthmatic patients often cannot sleep during this time and suffer from breathlessness.

Morning (5.00 AM to 7.00 AM) – Large Intestine
Constipation can be avoided by waking up during this time. If the bowel movement and a cold shower is completed during this time, a person will not suffer from any nervous problems.

Morning (7.00 AM to 9.00 AM) – Stomach
Breakfast should be completed during this time for effective functioning of the stomach.

Morning (9.00 AM to 11.00 AM) – Spleen
A person should not eat or drink during this hour (not even a glass of water), as this will increase the body’s temperature, tiredness, and reduce the digestion power. Diabetic patients often suffer from palpitation and tiredness during this time.

Noon (11.00 AM to 1.00 PM) – Heart
It is recommended to drink only water during this time. A person should avoid heavy work or sleep during these hours, as this causes a greater mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body, which may lead to heart attacks, paralysis, or body pain. Generally, during these hours, doctors are on high alert due to the frequency of diabetic hart attacks.

Mid-day (1.00 PM to 3.00 PM) – Small Intestines
Lunch should be completed during this time, and sleep should be avoided.

Afternoon (3.00 PM to 5.00 PM) – Urinary Bladder
This is the appropriate time for tea, coffee, juice etc.

Evening (5.00 PM to 7.00 PM) – Kidney
This is the appropriate time to relax; if not, the stress may lead to kidney trouble or urinary infections.

Night (7.00 PM to 9.00 PM) – Heart Wall
Supper should be completed during this time; otherwise palpitation or chest pain may arise.

Late Night (9.00 PM to 11.00 PM) – All Organs
This is the time to recharge the organs that worked since morning, so it’s better to sleep and avoid reading books, watching TV or performing office work.

Mid-night (11.00 PM to 1.00 AM) – Gall Bladder
It’s best to be asleep during this time; otherwise a person will not have energy to work the next day.

Early Morning (1.00 AM to 3.00 AM) – Liver
This is the time for deep sleep; otherwise it may affect eyesight and cause body irritation.

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