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Who are your true friends?

Sometimes we refer to life as a rollercoaster ride, full of ups, downs, and unpredictable turns. The rise is slow, while the drop is very fast. The only difference is that we enjoy the rollercoaster's drop, but not the one in real life. Each one of us experiences such rises and drops in our life. These situations are meant to teach us about ourselves as well as strengthen our core being.

You may have noticed the behavior of your friends and family members when prosperity follows or leaves you. The same people that were once supporting you during your rise, are now stepping over you during your fall. It's during these times that we begin to question our relationships. This can be quite devastating because the people whom we expect to support us during our fall, all of a sudden disappear or try to keep us down. Understanding the nature of certain people can help in overcoming the stress from such situations.

There are three types of people. Leaves, branches, and roots. The leaves are weak and confused. They fall of the tree and fly wherever the wind blows. These are the followers who don't make their own decisions. The second group of people are the branches. They are steady, but once pressure is put upon them, they begin to shake and then finally break off. The third group of people are the roots. These people have a calm, yet strong mindset and are emotionally stable. They can motivate themselves and empower others. The roots will stand beside you during your rise and lift you up when you fall. During the early stages of our lives, we are like leaves, we succumb to peer pressure, and as we mature, we turn into branches, and hopefully roots. Unfortunately, the truth is that many of us remain as leaves even during the end of our days.

Identifying such people can help us avoid unnecessary stress and understand which relationships are true and worthwhile. However, we must first understand ourselves. Are we leaves, branches, or roots? Do we follow the crowd, break under pressure, or are we as firm and stable as a pillar?

Each type of person comes into our lives for a reason. Either to introduce themselves, or help us to better understand ourselves. Noticing a pattern is a great way to transform ourselves and avoid a situation or person from resurfacing. Our associations play a major role in who we become, so we must choose them carefully. Roots are rebels in their own manner and encompass clear inner vision and purpose. Leaves are the majority of the population, so work your way towards becoming a root and making a difference in your own life.

Dino would like to take this opportunity to thank the leaves, branches, and roots in his life, as they have taught him great lessons as well as brought true meaning to his relationships.

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