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What did Lord Krishna Teach me in my Dream Today?

July 13, 2014 @ 5.50AM – I woke up from an insightful dream a few minutes ago. 

I seemed to have a very close relationship with Lord Krishna, so I invited my friend to visit his palace. As we entered the palace we were stunned to see how beautifully it was designed. 

Lord Krishna then invited my friend to show him around while I followed. Lord Krishna first showed my friend the “evil” room. He told him that he could go into that room and enjoy playing around with as many evil acts as he wanted without fear of the consequences. He would simply enjoy the present moment pleasures of the evil acts. This room was extremely beautiful, but all the evil gaming features were turned off.

Lord Krishna then invited my friend to the “good” room. Similarly, my friend could play around with as many good actions as he wanted, without worrying about the results of those good actions. He would simply enjoy the present moment pleasures of the good actions. This room was designed exactly the same as the evil room, and all the gaming features were also turned off.

Lord Krishna then asked my friend which room he would like to try out?
My friend instantly responded by saying that he wanted to try out the “good” room.

Lord Krishna then told him that the only problem with the good room was that there was a waiting list and he would have to wait a while before using it.

Remembering that both the rooms were designed exactly the same, my friend decided to change his mind and use the evil room instead.

That’s when I woke up.

As I analyzed this dream, I realized that we naturally have the feeling to choose actions towards good. Although, sometimes the pleasures we get from good acts do not come to us instantly. On the other hand, acts of evil often give us instant pleasures.

My friend in this situation initially chose the “good” room, but when he realized that patience was required before using the room, he changed his mind and chose the evil room. He was so desperate for enjoying immediate pleasures in his life that he chose the evil room.

Patience was the powerful lesson to learn here.
How often do we intentionally choose the wrong path simply because the results would be instant?

Patience is a virtue that is cultivated over time through practice. Faith and wisdom allow a person to make the right decision at the right time. Alternately, in some situations, decisions do need to be made instantly. When this is the case, it is imperative to use intuition along with faith and wisdom.

Although, similar to patience, intuition is also a virtue which takes time to develop. However, imagine how effective you would be if patience, faith, wisdom, and intuition were a natural part of your decision making process.

Think about it. 

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