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Is ‘Yoga’ Calling?

Sometimes it's difficult to decipher subtle signs form the universe, but if a message is constantly flashing in your face (or computer screen), then there is definitely a reason behind it. After a well deserved three day break from writing, Dino decided to search for an interesting topic for today’s post. The moment Dino hit the Internet this morning, the word “Yoga” flashed on his RSS feeds almost 3 times in the first 5 minutes. This is clearly a sign, why look further?

After learning about the benefits of Yoga, Dino decided to give it a try. He has been practicing regularly twice a week for almost 6 months now. Although, he wishes that he would have started much earlier, while his body was a bit more flexible and not as stiff as a bamboo, but it’s never too late. The results are noticed after just a few sessions. Click here to view a list of benefits.

To shift attention away from Dino’s results, it would be more realistic to share the findings published by other organizations. First of all, it slows down aging, who doesn’t want to look and feel younger? Several studies have shown that yoga has prevented several lifestyle diseases, which come with ageing — namely cardiac, respiratory and bone diseases, says Dr Subhash Manchanda, former head, cardiology, at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and vice chairman, World Academy of Spiritual Sciences. Secondly, it’s a form of activity that thoroughly massages all the internal glands and organs of the body. A Philadelphia report also suggests that elderly women showed measurable improvements in their walking speed and balance after a nine-week yoga program -- and they gained a centimeter in height, on average.

Recently, Yoga centers have been cropping up everywhere and attracting a much younger crowd. As Dino had mentioned earlier, try to get away from your desk at the office, and get some exercise, this will definitely boost creativity and flexibility.

Go ahead, sign up for yoga class in your area and begin stretching, then come back and post your comments on this page.


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