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Almost 3 months – A Reflection…

Dino’s Words of Wisdom blog has been up and running for almost 3 months now. When it was created, Dino had planned to post one entry every single day. This goal seemed a bit far fetched at the time; however, his enthusiasm overpowered his limitation.

The first entry was posted on March 16, followed by almost one post for each day. As April came along, so did laziness and procrastination, which led to one post every other day. This month couldn’t be worse – 6 posts, including this one.

Why does this matter? Why does this blog even exist? To answer the latter question first, the purpose of this blog was, and still is, to share Dino’s perspective on anything and everything that strikes his interest and triggers his curiosity. There were posts on empowerment, appreciation, health, alternative medicine, technology, environment, wisdom, or an odd story that caught his attention.

Now, to answer the former question – Why does this matter? It doesn’t.

Yeah, right. Of course it does. In order to have meaning and value in our life, we need to constantly strive for something. Dino hasn’t reached a point in his life yet where nothing matters any more. Therefore, the reason this matters is that if the number of posts decrease, so will the number of readers; but besides that, Dino will once again get lost in the illusions of the outer-world and not have a chance to internally reflect (and share) what is being portrayed. In addition, this also helps Dino become more disciplined.

The goal for the next three months is to post an entry every other day, however, quality does matter over quantity, so if you don’t see a post for a while, just keep checking, and eventually there will be one.

Thanks for reading and your comments!


Charles M. Kozierok September 21, 2015 at 2:26 AM  


This image is originally from my site: Taconic Reflections.

Just wanted the credit assigned.

Charles Kozierok

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