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Who is Dino?

A simple guy with an average lifestyle and a little talent striving to be an exceptional human being. Dino is in his late 20’s and working as a technical marketing manager for a telecommunications company in South East Asia. After trotting around the world (India, Japan, Africa, Taiwan, Dubai, US, and now Singapore) for school, university, and work, Dino has cultivated great wisdom and experiences from these diverse cultures and especially his unique group of friends. This blog will communicate Dino’s perspective on the most random subjects that provoke his mind through this journey called life.

Dino has invested countless hours, weeks, and months in self-inquiry, and is still searching for the answer to that age old question – “Who am I?” Dino is also the author of the Diabetes Cured blog.


Rashpal March 17, 2008 at 6:15 PM  

Hey Dino i really hope u'll be able to answer that question sometimes i myself wonder what is my purpose of being here? There muz be a purpose i have yet to discover my role.. Remember i think it was Shakespeare who said "The world is a stage we're all actors" something to that effect so what is your role??

Akshay Kingar July 30, 2009 at 9:04 PM  

Hi Dino,

I can help you answer that question.. of who you are. Cause I found out who I am..

So if not for Mpigeon may be we could meet and figure out who you are.. If we are unable to find out who you are then.. may be I can buy you a course meal..
here are my contact details again..
90108740.. buzz me ..

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