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Tall People + Big Noses = Big Bucks?

Dino came across two articles recently about certain human characteristics that enable people to make more money. One is height; apparently, taller people are offered higher salaries and more respect. A university professor calculated that each inch in height corresponds to $789 extra in pay each year. The other attribute is the size of the nose. Physiognomists (face readers) claim that those people with a small tip nose don’t consider money as too important, while those with flared nostrils are big spenders. The perfect nose is deemed to be one-third the length of the face, with an equal distance above and below.

Dino is definitely not very tall nor does he have the perfect nose, but this will not deter him from making the big bucks. After all, Warren Buffet isn’t very tall and Bill Gates doesn’t have the perfect nose.


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