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Be Super Positive Workshop

A Big Thank You to everyone who attended my “Be Super Positive” workshop yesterday. Also, it was wonderful to receive the shiny Best Speaker award!
-- About the workshop - Be Super Positive by managing your thoughts, emotions, and energy.

-- In this workshop you will learn:
• The benefits of being Super Positive
• Three energies that determine your positivity
• Four types of thoughts and how to manage them
• The effects of seven major emotions
• Technique to instantly clear unhealthy emotions
• Technique to enhance positive emotions
• Tips to avoid negativity within and around you
• The power of purpose
• …and much more. 

- About the Workshop Coach
Dino Daswani (Mind Transformation Coach) 

As a Certified Master Life & Business Success Coach, Dino has realized that empowering others gives him true joy. Dino has a Master’s degree in Leading Innovation & Change from York St. John Univ. (UK), and incorporates Pranic Healing & Hypnotic NLP in his coaching practice. In addition he also shares his wisdom through his website as well as articles published in magazines.

Dino’s personal transformation occurred when he suddenly lost partial vision and was forced to face the uncertainties in life, and discover his purpose. Today, through his transformation, 

Dino feels tremendous joy and empowerment by coaching and inspiring others.

You can learn more about Dino on his website Blissperience – Experience Bliss (
-- Would you like to attend Dino’s upcoming workshops and webinars? – Ask for details. 


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