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The Power of a Namaskar

I’m not really a fan of yoga because I find it extremely difficult to twist and turn my body, and I always end up feeling embarrassed because I cannot bend down and touch my toes. However, I was excited when I came across the easiest yoga pose, the Namaskar pose, also known as a hand gesture (mudra). 

Namaskar or Namaste is a Hindu greeting, which means “I acknowledge and respect the divinity within you”. I touch my hands together in a Namaskar pose whenever I pray or meet someone I respect. But, today I learned that this Namaskar gesture offers a great benefit for our bodies.

As we touch our hands together in the Namaskar gesture it balances the two polarities of our energy, such as the yin/yang, logical/creative brain, Shiva/Shakti energy etc. 
I practiced this for about 10 minutes this morning, and could really feel the energy balancing as well as felt more in harmony. 

I invite you to practice the Namaskar hand gesture for 10 minutes everyday and experience the harmonizing of your energies.


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