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What's Your Life's Purpose?

Once the elevator reached our floor, my mom assisted me to get on so that I would not trip on the step. There was an elderly man already in the elevator when we entered. He felt extremely emotional when he looked at me, and asked my mom “What is wrong with this boy?”
I responded to him with a smile and said, “I have low-vision.”
I could feel the pain in his heart as he said to my mom “but he is so young.”
We just smiled and got out of the elevator, and went our own ways.

It was on that day that I realized one of my purposes in life – it’s to generate compassion within others. I always used to get offended when others would ask about my condition, or hold my hand while we walk. But today, I have realized that these individuals are not just doing me a favor, I’m also helping them by offering them an opportunity to serve.

The soul has a desire to express itself, and it can only do this through a body and the mind. This is why it chooses to incarnate on earth. It also selects the parents that will offer it the opportunity to express its desires, as well as fulfill the desires of the parents. It is a mutual understanding on a soul level.

Consider the world as a stage and all of us actors. Would you want to play the same role in every lifetime? Of course, every actor wants to attempt a variety of roles so that he can measure his potential. This is why sometimes the soul chooses a role of a hero, a villain, a comedian, or a physically/mentally disabled person. Does this mean that because you chose the role of a hero, you have more positive karma, and because you chose a role of a physically disabled person, then you have negative karma? Haven’t we noticed in so many movies that the best actor award goes to the individual who plays the role of a physically or mentally challenged person?

I invite you to consider this idea when you encounter challenges in your life. You are simply playing a certain role, and your job is to play that role in the best way that you can.

I have chosen the role of an individual with low-vision, and I am going to play this role so well that I win an award for performing in the best way that I can, with all the abilities and limitations that I chose.

What about you? Care to share?


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