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Unbind Your Mind [Course]

Course Overview: The mind is the cause of suffering and the cause of joy. It is believed that it’s easier to tame a lion than to tame the mind. It’s easier to conquer the world than to conquer your mind. This does not mean it’s a lost cause and we should give up. Those individuals who use their minds to live with a higher level of awareness are able to make better decisions, tap into their creativity, lead a more balanced life style, and handle uncertainties effectively. This is simply because they know how to manage their thoughts and emotions.

I invite you to experience the power of Life Coaching in this one-on-one personalized course on how to Unbind your Mind from unhealthy thought patterns and limiting beliefs. This will be one of the most powerful and intense courses that will awaken you to the power of your mind and teach you how to transform your life.

Course Outline:
  • ·      A brief evaluation of your thought patterns
  • ·      The importance of mental clarity
  • ·      The relationship between thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • ·      The connection between the thoughts, emotions, and the body
  • ·      The different types of thoughts and how to manage them
  • ·      Tips on how to transform negative thought patterns
  • ·      Techniques to calm the mind
  • ·      Q&A
How the course will be conducted:
This is a personalized 75-minute one-on-one course, as the purpose is to be productive and prepare action steps for you. This course focuses on your past and present thought patterns to clear limiting beliefs. The first 60 minutes will cover the items in the course outline and the last 15 minutes for action steps.

This course can be conducted face-to-face or via Skype, and the discussions during the course will be kept confidential. You are welcome to share a testimonial with others if you wish to help them overcome their challenges as well.

How to Register for this course:
For further enquiry or to REGISTER for this course, send Dino a private message on Facebook by clicking here.

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