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Very often we are praised for our intelligence or IQ. Corporations and educational institutions accept us based on our intellectual capacity. However, many institutions that we consider higher authorities, do not stress enough the importance of emotional intelligence. The destructive power of intelligence is clearly visible to us. Individuals who lack the ability to listen to their conscience develop weapons of mass destruction, atomic bombs, war strategies, and other immoral innovations. There have been many incidents where extremely intelligent individuals have caused a tremendous amount of sorrow to society. Other geniuses are also unable to manage their emotions and go on a killing spree if they catch their spouse having an affair or encounter unfavorable situations in their lives.

We must understand the importance of emotional intelligence, and focus on cultivating it and helping others develop it. We can become emotionally intelligent by practicing self-awareness, self-management, empathy, social awareness, and relationship management. We must become aware of our thoughts, the feelings of others, and consider situations from different perspectives. Eventually, we will realize the power of our thoughts and choose not to ever complete a negative thought in our heads.

We can always remind ourselves to watch our thoughts, as thoughts become words; words become actions, actions become habits; habits become character; and ultimately character becomes our destiny.  In addition we must also encourage our children to cultivate emotional intelligence so that they can live a life of integrity and achieve “true” success.

Early in life, I realized that most of my despair was due to mixed emotions. It became clear to me that I was unable to understand and manage my emotions such as sorrow, anger, anxiety, and frustration. Through the practice of meditation, I was able to maintain a state of peace in spite of the chaos around me. As my awareness was raised, I was able to communicate with others more effectively and consider situations from a broader perspective.

Stay tuned for the next article, as I will discuss the negative impact of one of our major emotions and how to overcome it.

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