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Top 5 blog posts of 2011

As this year comes to a close, Dino would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers of this blog for the support, encouragement, and feedback. Dino is pleased that the insights presented in this blog inspire or empower the readers, while giving them the opportunity to question their own belief systems.

Dino will post more frequently on a wider range of subjects next year, but before we move on, here is a round up of the Top 5 most inspiring blog posts of 2011.

5. Be a Player - An empowering way to overcome the shallow mindset of others is to view life as a game. Read more…

4. Are you projecting a bitter attitude? - Each one of us is a like a diamond, and if we are agitated and irritated by every rub, which is disguised in the form of a problem, we cannot be polished, and will not evolve beyond the bitter state that we project. Read more…

3. It’s not easy to be me - Before making any decisions, we must ask ourselves, “who has made this decision for me? Is it a parent, sibling, friend, spouse, a habit, or my intuition? Read more…

2. Achieve Greatness through Humility - A great human being is one who may have achieved all the material success that he/she desired, while cultivating humility and empowering others. Read more…

1. Everybody Loves Samosas! – Dino teaches us how to make a different kind of Samosa. Watch Now!

Dino wishes all the readers of this blog a Prosperous and Healthy 2012.


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